Mini dachshund is bored
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The Cutest Husky Puppies! My Dogs Are Afraid of Puppies
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My Dogs Are Afraid of Puppies My Dogs Are Afraid of Puppies As puppies develop they encounter a variety of stimuli that they may become fearful of. People, noises, smells and sights are just a few examples of things that can make a puppy anxious. They may also become afraid of other dogs or animals. It is important to introduce your pup to a wide variety of people, dogs and animals during the first few months of life, so that they can grow accustomed to them. During this time, the most common type of fear is separation anxiety. This type of fear occurs when a puppy is not allowed to spend time alone, or when he or she becomes separated from the family. When your puppy is scared, it can be difficult to know how to help her. You should try to identify the situation that is causing her fear and avoid it as much as possible. You can also work to reduce the dog's anxiety by giving her some time to relax. You can do this by taking her for a walk, or by playing with her for long periods of time. Aside from this, there are a number of other ways you can help your dog overcome her fear. You can encourage her by providing her with lots of treats, and by allowing her to "opt out" when she is feeling too anxious or uncomfortable. Hopefully these tips will help you to get your pup over her fears and into her loving forever home! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

Watch The Tear-Jerking Moment This Dog Meets His New Mom | The Dodo Adoption Day
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The Dodo Adoption Day - Watch the Tear-Jerking Moment This Dog Meets His New Mom Whether you’re a responsible pet owner or an animal lover, there’s nothing like the joy that comes with bringing a new furry friend into your life. Those first couple of days are often a rush as oxytocin, the happy hormone, fuels the lovefest that is dog ownership. That’s why a lot of people don’t think twice about buying or adopting a new puppy. They’ve done the research, weighed their options and even talked it over with their family, before ultimately committing to the sweetest pup in the neighborhood. But there’s a whole other side to the story of how you can give a dog a forever home, too. In fact, a recent episode of The Dodo’s Foster Diaries is proof that pets can bring their humans much-needed happiness during difficult times, the news outlet said. Take Tyson for example. When he arrived at the shelter, the poor pup was afraid and untrusting, but he slowly started to warm up as he began to trust the people who rescued him. He had to go through a lot, including seeing his owner pass away, and the rescuers knew that he needed time and space to heal. After his rescue, Tyson had a rough patch, but he’s come a long way and is now happy, playful and incredibly social, according to the foster mom who adopted him. It’s amazing to see how quickly he has adapted to life with her and she’s looking forward to seeing him thrive in his new home!

German Shepherd Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time
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German Shepherd Meets Golden Retriever Puppy For the First Time German Shepherd Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time Dogs and humans are both capable of expressing a wide range of emotions. This includes emotions like love, anger, fear, and joy – a dog can even experience grief and anxiety. If you are looking to adopt a new puppy and want a canine companion that is as close to human as possible, a Golden Retriever or German Shepherd may be your best bet. Both are good with children and other pets if they have been properly socialized and trained. Both dogs need plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation to be healthy and happy. They are both incredibly smart, and they need to be constantly engaged in activities that engage their brains and bodies. A Golden Retriever and German Shepherd will get along well as long as they are bred from purebreds that have been properly socialized. If you decide to mix them up, it is a good idea to introduce them in a neutral location so that they can get to know each other without feeling territorial. If they are a bit shy at first, you can help them get used to each other by letting them spend time together on a leash and allowing them to play with their toys. Eventually, they will become comfortable with each other and be able to share their home with each other. Both breeds are relatively easy to train and have a great temperament. Typically, they are playful and loving and will be very loyal to their human family. However, they are also wary of strangers and might bark to alert you if something seems out of place.

Golden Retriever Shocked by Puppies occupying his bed!
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Golden Retriever Shocked by Puppies Occupying His Bed! Luckily, the dog was quick to divert his anger and pant, bark and circle his bed. His reaction has now been viewed over 22 million times and is a real eye-opener! Bitey Golden Retrievers Like most dogs, Golden Retrievers are mouthy and will bite you if they feel threatened. They can also chew on shoes and other items you don’t want them to chew on. They can become destructive and a nuisance if they are not properly trained, so a responsible owner is crucial for these active pups. They will benefit from long walks, play time in the yard and interactive toys. Loyal, Good Family Pets This smart breed makes a great companion for anyone who wants a dog that will always be there for them. They are very loyal and enjoy being around people they love, as well as other pets and children. Sibling Rivalry While they will get along with other pets, Golden Retrievers can be jealous of their human’s attention or when other animals try to take their place in the family. They can also play too rough with younger children when they are in their adolescent phase, so don’t leave them unsupervised with them until they’ve reached their adult years. Puppies Chewing On Things Bored puppies will go after anything that looks interesting to them. That can include shoes, toys, pillows and other household items. Bitey Golden Retrievers This clever breed is bred to retrieve game and carry it back to their owners. They have exceptional intelligence and are able to perform a variety of skills, including therapy work, search and rescue and drug detection.